Of These 100+ Days: Bonus Day 3

We're in the bonus! Since I'm sure Roger will be a sports enthusiast ala his parents, we're in overtime :) Doing a separate post for each day still since it likely won't get much past 6-7 days if we listen to my doctor (and we are). Enjoy!


 Day +3 - March 6, 2011

It's not quite in the books, but since your daddy and I are about to head off for some much needed sleep I'm updating you to say that unless you wake us up it looks like you aren't coming today either, bud. And that's ok--I really do feel this weird peace about you coming exactly when Jesus wills though my desire is still that you come soon and I'm willing to do what I gotsta do to try and help you along. That is, at this point, basically just walking as much as I can bear. We walked a LOT today, and took care of some stuff, like buying a new potholder and experiencing Big Lots (that's a place I want to go rarely and only when in search of a great deal! Oof, was it ick!) and getting an extra camera battery because we really hope to catch that "moment" when you're placed on my chest on video. 

So... not a ton to say. We love you. We hope you come soon. If labor hasn't started then tomorrow we have an OB appointment at 3:40. We'll do a non-stress test to make sure you're still healthy, see if I'm having any contractions yet, and I'll have to get an internal check to see if my body is any further along. We'll also talk to our OB about probably scheduling an induction, hopefully for the end of next week. I know there's an end in sight--they won't medically let me go past 42 weeks, which is 11 days from now. Unless strongly urged by our OB, I don't feel good about going much past 41 weeks, which is 4 days from now. But we'll just have to see.

I will end with this--something feels different tonight. Maybe I'm just loopy and tired from the ridiculous amount of walking I did in the last 2 days. But I feel...just different. Like maybe things are really about to get going. But there's no way of really knowing unless labor starts, and I can't tell if it's wishful thinking or what. I sure do hope for that March 7 birthday so my heart could be playing tricks on me :) 

Either way, as always, you are so very loved by your daddy and I and we really, really look forward to meeting you and holding you and loving and kissing and snuggling and raising you, Roger. Lots of other people are very excited about you getting here as well, so know that no matter how cozy you are in my womb you're going to be all sorts of snuggled up by people who love you, be it in person or virtually through your mama and daddy's Facebooks :) I think half of our friends check their status updates about 3x more often right now just seeing if there's any updates on you!

Anyway, enough. So tired. Once again, sleep brings me 10 or so hours closer to meeting you, my sweet boy, so that's what's up for mama (ok, we might watch a quick show first but then we must sleep!). 

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