Of These 100+ Days: Bonus Day 2

We're in the bonus! Since I'm sure Roger will be a sports enthusiast ala his parents, we're in overtime :) Doing a separate post for each day still since it likely won't get much past 6-7 days if we listen to my doctor (and we are). Enjoy!


 Day +2 - March 5, 2011

Well hello, my unborn son! Yup, still unborn. It's even actually March 6 as I'm writing this because your daddy and I are up really late :)

Today was good, though! Daddy was super productive (taxes and FAFSA and other biz, oh my!) and I worked on finances and then we walked around the mall A LOT. I also ate spicy Mexican food for dinner, made some spicy cookies, and spent what felt like a lifetime (it was a half hour... I'm a drama queen) rolling my hips and bouncing on an exercise ball. Ultimately, I know the science--you come when you're ready and not a whole heck of a lot is going to make you come before that unless we take actual medical action. I still figure it can't hurt to try :)

Beyond that, it was a pretty normal day. Some cool stuff happened that blessed my heart, basically just Jesus showing us that He's good, He loves us, and He's all about taking care of us! Awesome :)

Here's a picture of your mama at 40 weeks, 2 days pregnant. Also known as big as a house, totally uncomfortable, and so beyond ready to meet my baby boy! 

I love you, Roger. I hope hope hope labor starts tomorrow and you are born on Monday! Come on, March 7 birthday!


  1. Oh, Tami, you look great! Seriously - you are glowing. I love it. I totally remember feeling so uncomfortable and as big as a house though. ;) I keep checking for updates and will be so excited to hear that Roger arrived!

    (Also, I had a c-section despite hoping not to, and it really wasn't as terrible as I thought. If you want to chat about it, let me know!).

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you! And so you know (are we Facebook friends? We totally can be!) you can watch Facebook and Twitter because, well, I'm one of those cool kids who is going to hop on her iPhone and tweet that she's on her way to the hospital (and my Twitter and Facebook are synced, of course!).