Of These 100+ Days: Bonus Day 1

We're in the bonus! Since I'm sure Roger will be a sports enthusiast ala his parents, we're in overtime :) Doing a separate post for each day still since it likely won't get much past 6-7 days if we listen to my doctor (and we are). Enjoy!


 Day +1 - March 4, 2011

It's pretty weird for me in some ways to be here, bud, because for so long I was just praying you'd make it to March. I was really concerned that you'd come early, and I didn't want you to. One of my biggest concerns was you reaching 40 weeks, because I know that's best for you in terms of overall health, particularly major development of important body functions like your brain, respiratory system, eyes, etc. I'll be honest--there are some message boards I read and I keep seeing women who are 37 weeks trying to force their babies out and I want to show them the many, many articles I've read about why that's a horrible idea...but it's not really my place and so usually I keep my mouth shut. Still, I have to say that I'm so, so thankful that you made it to 40 weeks! Yay!

On the other hand, I have a deep uneasiness about you going much past 41 weeks. We still should find out Monday if you aren't here yet what day is best to schedule probably an induction, possibly a straight up Cesarean (based on what our OB thinks is best, and we very much trust her). I can't tell if it's simply having read statistics of still births and how they go up significantly at 41 weeks and skyrocket at 42, but the thought of you dying at this point...I can hardly imagine it. Honestly. I don't let myself go there because it's pointless to worry--Jesus alone knows what tomorrow holds. But I pray for a healthy, live birth. You're so totally a real person and such a part of our lives that the thought of never knowing you is literally soul crushing beyond what I can bear to imagine, so I lean into Jesus and ask Him that you'll be healthy, well, and alive and born soon when those thoughts come.

As best I can tell, you're still totally healthy in there and you're so big and so squished that when you move I can definitely tell because, well, it hurts! And since you've come down some it's better but when you get in my ribs it's not fun! Thankfully you have a harder time reaching them :)

Today didn't hold much worth noting, other than mainly your mama and daddy awaiting your arrival. Daddy worked hard, mama watched Food Network and napped. Ok, I did a bit more than that, but not much! We have big ol' plans to walk around the mall a bunch tomorrow because it's ick rainy here, but hopefully the walking will encourage you along. Beyond that it's just waiting and praying. For now, I'm going to sleep because it will knock off a good 10 or so hours of waiting for you to get here, and if I wake up in labor, praise Jesus! I can't lie, I'm kind of hoping you hold out until later in the morning because Daddy is meeting up with some Jesus-loving dudes at 7am to pray and such at Top Pot and he's bringing me home a maple bar (yup, THOSE maple bars!) and an apple fritter and, well, Top Pot's doughnuts are AMAZING. So there's that to look forward to when I wake up :)

Ok, love you, sweet son. Stay healthy, stay alive, and feel free to come on out and meet us, ok? Because we really love you and are pretty much beyond ready to meet you and love you! We adore you, Roger!

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