Of These 100 Days: Day 9

For days 9-0 (or, you know, -1 on, though I so doubt Roger will go past due since he's been so huge!) I'm doing a separate post each day. Enjoy!

Day 9 - February 22, 2011

Well, my dear monkey moose, we are into the single digits! Hello!

You were super squirmy today. It felt like you were trying to bust out! I felt so good most of the day, but then I got SUPER tired and took a nap. I woke up sweating like a maniac and shaking so violently that I could hardly lift the gallon of milk so I could drink it. (Yup, mama drinks from the milk carton. Daddy doesn't mind and I just warn guests, but we always have a spare jug because we be Costco'ing that biz up!) Anyway, I was so super dizzy and weak and trembling. It was awful. I couldn't get food in me fast enough and literally had to eat whatever I could get in. It was a delectable meal of cottage cheese and Pringles. Ha! But after about 45 minutes I felt moderately better, though the weakness and overall wooziness lingered.

I gotta say, bud, your big ol' giant baby self is taking a toll on my body! It's hard to keep you fed! Now, part of it is my own fault--instead of the nutritious tuna sandwich on the BEST BREAD EVER (again, holla at Costco for the goodness!) packed with whole grains and omega-3's your mama foolishly ate two cinnamon rolls intended for community group. Boo. As a result of the onset of the lingering wooziness and such, though, your daddy recommended we stay home from community group and that I rest. It was such a bummer because our new community group is awesome! Seriously, I knew Jesus would be faithful to lead us to community group but last week I remember just sitting there, looking around the room, and realizing that I'm truly blessed and excited to get to know these new people. Such a sweet blessing!

Anyway, this is not a deep emotional post. I'm just trying to enjoy each day until you get here. The "what ifs" are in my mind, wondering how the ultrasound will go on Thursday, wondering if we'll actually get to go to the marriage and family seminar this Saturday with the Ortlund's, and just if anything happening in my body means you are coming soon, when you'll come, how you'll come... but I'm also just taking it one day at a time. I'm so grateful for you, thankful that you seem super healthy still, and I love and adore you and regardless of how accurate this 9 days post is with regards to your arrival, I'm super excited to meet you, my son!


  1. I can't believe he will be here so soon! I know days drag on at some points, but this has been fast 9 months for those of us on the outside! :)

    Praying for a healthy boy, healthy mama, quick and "painless" delivery. Blessings to you 3 as you embark on your new life as a family of 3!

  2. Thanks, sister! I can hardly believe how fast your little girl is growing! Four months already? What?

    Also, when this all started It felt like forever--would I ever get out of the first trimester? Would I ever make it to the third? But now that I'm at the end it all seems like it was so short!