Of These 100 Days: Day 8

For days 9-0 (or, you know, -1 on, though I so doubt Roger will go past due since he's been so huge!) I'm doing a separate post each day. Enjoy!

Day 8 - February 23, 2011

Sweet boy, I just sure hope you don't come any time soon! It's Snowmageddon Seapocalypse 2011--blurg! I am always up for adventure, but it's crazy town out there and I just really hope you chill out and stay cozy until the snow goes a-bye-bye. The crazy snow is supposed to come in a few hours and the temp is supposed to drop way below freezing. With the crazy moisture in the air in the Seattle area the roads just get horrific. Add in the crazy hills and perpetually under-prepared city planning for snow patrol... it just gets nutso.

I took some pictures off the back deck, and this happened literally in about an hour. An hour! For Seattle (ok, we're in Bellevue now, but you get it) that's just crazy town. And your mama will be honest... I think snow is gross and stupid. But I am trying to worship the Creator who made snow and remember that so, so many people love it. Maybe someday you'll be mesmerized by it and that will give me great joy, but for now I just hate it and want it to melt away and for sweet, warm spring and summer to come. Anyway, here are your pictures:

So, tomorrow's the big ultrasound! Lord willing your daddy and I will safely make the trip into Ballard from Bellevue and by 11:30 or so we'll know whether you are over 11 pounds and we have to schedule a Cesarean or if you are under 11 pounds and we get to wait it out another week to see if you come on your own. The huge praise, though, is that I'm not even asking Jesus for one thing over the other. I feel such peace that He knows what's best that I'm just asking Him for your health and safe arrival and that your daddy and I will be patiently, albeit excitedly, waiting for you to come in His time and will for our little family. Well, I do still ask him for the good gift of you getting to have a March birthday because that really is a good gift. February = winter = gross! But if you don't make it 6 more days then it's ok and maybe I'll even learn to love February a little more just 'cause of you :)

I love you so much, Rog-podge! You're moving around in me right now, and you've totally dropped, so now I constantly feel like I am about to pee my pants! Isn't that lovely to know ;) But I treasure you, my sweet boy, and pray that you stay healthy and that we get the best gift of all, a healthy, squirmy, baby boy in our arms in the next week or so!

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