Of These 100 Days: Day 7

For days 9-0 (or, you know, -1 on, though I so doubt Roger will go past due since he's been so huge!) I'm doing a separate post each day. Enjoy!

Day 7 - February 24, 2011

Guess what, monkey? Great news! Your growth slowed down a wee bit and, instead of being 11 pounds like you were on track for we found out in your ultrasound that you are only about 9 pounds, 6 ounces. Even if that were totally off you're still under 11 pounds. Plus, most times ultrasounds are off by saying the baby is bigger than they actually are. What does all of this mean? We don't have to schedule a Cesarean! We get to wait and see when you come! That's awesome! This was great news and such a relief for me. 

The thing is, say you come on your own and we end up having a Cesarean--I really do have peace about that. If at all possible, though, it would be a wonderful thing to get the good gift of my body going into labor when your body tells mine that it's time. That's been my biggest desire--even bigger than my hope that you wait until at least Tuesday (March!) to come. And even better is that your size was so leveled out that we get to wait a full week past the due date (so until March 10) before we would have to consider something like induction. Forty one weeks means that you'd be plenty developed and I would have no qualms about taking the steps to medically persuade you that it's time to come into the world. So, this is all just sweet grace from Jesus to give me my heart's desires for you, and I'm thankful!

There are still decisions to be made. From my understanding, not only do half of all inductions result in Cesareans, but it's incredibly rare for a mama to induce and make it through the much more painful, synthetically stimulated contractions without an epidural. At that point, if we get there (I could be wrong but my gut says we won't! We'll see!) then at 41 weeks I could choose to have a Cesarean straight-out or try to deliver you as naturally as possible with an induction (basically, where they give me drugs that force my body to go into labor). Still, I'm not terribly worried about it and figure that if we get there, we get there. For now I get to just enjoy each day, knowing when I wake up that maybe today is the day you come! 

Praise Jesus, you're still super healthy. You are in the 97th percentile instead of 99th--tsk, tsk. Just kidding :) Today we saw once again that you are DEFINITELY a boy--all the bits are there to prove that!--and we got to see cute little chubby fat rolls on your legs! Way too adorable! And we saw your ear. It was awesome. You still move plenty, have plenty of fluid, there's no growth restriction coming from my body, and you were practicing breathing by swallowing amniotic fluid so well that the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting an accurate heartbeat (but it was right around 130, totally healthy!). I know we are not entitled to your health, but I continue to ask Jesus for it and receive it with grace every time the report is that you are. 

Ok, enough for now :) One more week until your due date, bud! We'll see when you come, but for now I'm just relishing Jesus' sweet grace to answer the desires of my heart for you to either come on your own or make it to 40 weeks without medically forcing you to come earlier. What a sweet answer to prayer. I just love you so much and can't wait to meet you, my little man! Your daddy and I are enamored with you and you're one very loved little boy. But take your time, sweetie--you just come when you're good and ready, and your daddy and I will be as ready to meet you as new parents can be :) I love you, Roger!

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