Of These 100 Days: Day 4

For days 9-0 (or, you know, -1 on, though I so doubt Roger will go past due since he's been so huge!) I'm doing a separate post each day. Enjoy!

Day 4 - February 27, 2011

Hello, bud! Guess what? There are only 2 days left in February and you're still staying comfy cozy in your mama--that's awesome :)  We may make it to March yet!

Today was wonderfully low key. Daddy and I woke up intending to go to the 9am service at church but we sure did wake up at 9:04. So we snuggled and went to the 11:15 instead. After grabbing some Chipotle for lunch with another buy one, get one free deal (woo-hoo!) we did one of our FAVORITE things--got Starbucks and went for a drive. Your mama loves Issaquah and hopes that's where Jesus eventually has us put down long-term roots, if long-term roots are in His will for our family. 

After that we came home, lit a fire, and just chilled. With your daddy's crazy schedule, it was the first time we've been able to do that in what must be months. We realized we haven't just sat together in the living room with nothing to do...since we can't remember when. So we watched some Food Network, Mama found a cake that she must try before she dies, made amazing pulled pork in the slow cooker, watched fast-forwarded through most of the Oscars, and took it really easy. You were SUPER squirmy all weekend and it was hard to tell if things were starting to happen re: labor, but nope, you're still staying put.

So, bud, 3 days to go! We adore you and can't wait to meet you. But we're glad you're taking your time and we're resting in Jesus for what is already written regarding your entry into this world. I asked Jesus that I'd know you're staying healthy in there (stillbirths go way up at weeks 41 and 42, and the thought of you being stillborn literally makes me feel like I could throw up) and he answered that prayer, because when you are awake there is no mistaking that you are strong and healthy and quite the active little monkey moose!

So, be it 3 days, or fewer or more, your mama loves you and is excited to snuggle you! Until then, you just keep on growing, healthy boy, and know that you are so loved and treasured by parents who pretty much cry (ok, mama cries, daddy gets all smiley) every time they think about the good gift that the Father has given them, one of His own, created in His image, to raise to worship and adore Him. That's our heart for you and we're blessed beyond words!

I love you, Roger.

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