A Different Christmas Story

If you haven't already seen 76 friends post this on Facebook, you simply must watch this video. It made me cry--interestingly enough, the tears hit when the screen fills up with, "It's a BOY!!"

Being pregnant with a boy at Christmastime just changes my whole perspective. In Day 75 yesterday of my 100 day countdown to Roger's arrival I wrote about the ache that hits my heart when I wonder if it would ever be in Jesus' will to take Roger home to heaven at a young age. I can't imagine what it was like for Mary, to know it was the Son of God in her womb, and many speculate if she knew that His ultimate purpose was to die for the sins of the world. Jesus was God, but He was also her son. She felt him move in her womb. She cared for her body to have as healthy a baby as possible. She nurtured and soothed Him when He cried. She almost certainly fed Him at her breast. She endured all of the aches and pains and discomforts and inconveniences that every other woman experiences during pregnancy, without the modern day reliefs we get to enjoy. She taught and molded and bonded with her baby boy, watched Him become a man, and eventually stood nearby and saw Him crucified on a cross.

Counting down the days to the birth of my son, whom I ask God will have a long and healthy life, puts Mary into such a different perspective for me. But I thank God for her, for her faith and her example. She was a woman--nothing more, nothing less; no more or less holy than any other women who commits and submits herself to God. But she is an encouraging example of a godly woman, and so I thank God for her and her example. I pray I would have an active faith in Jesus as my Lord that rests in the Father's will, as led by the Spirit, in the legacy of a godly woman like Mary.

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