Baby Love, My Baby Love

I realized today (so, technically, it's tomorrow since it's 12:17 am, but meh) that if Roger gets here on his due date then he'll be here in... drumroll please... 100 days!

One hundred days! Now, caveat, so you aren't thinking about how incredibly naïve I am as a first time mama, I know he can easily come early or late. I just saw two friends have their first baby in the last few months go 10 days to 2 full weeks past their due date. That said, it's circa 100 days until I get to meet my son! My son!

I'm getting to a place in pregnancy where I'm starting to love it. I don't love the migraines, dizziness, struggle to sleep, or constant back pain. But I love knowing that my body is growing my baby son inside of me. I love knowing that Jesus knows my baby boy even now while he's still in my womb. God knows every single day of Roger's life already, every thought he'll ever have, every hair on his little body now until the day he dies, Lord willing at a very old age after a long and healthy life.

My guy sure won't have pretty blue eyes
(it's genetically impossible) but isn't he
such a cute guy?
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The greatest miracle is when he moves. I love feeling my baby move inside of me! He's an active little guy. One article on tracking movements said to lie on my side and count until I feel 10 distinct movements. The article warned that this could take up to two, possibly even four hours. Pshaw! I literally laughed out loud! Roger is clearly awake and moving at least 5-6 distinct times during my waking hours, and when he starts moving I would feel 10 distinct movements within 1-3 minutes. Plus, he moves enough to wake me up 2-3 times when I'm sleeping, and that's just when he wakes me up! One friend said she feels maybe 3-4 little kicks here and there each day from her baby, and we're within two weeks of each other in pregnancy so I know that Rog is just an active boy :)

I so adore feeling Roger move. It literally makes my arms feel oh-so-empty to not have him in them yet. Don't get me wrong--I want that boy to be patient, and Jesus willing I don't want to see his sweet face one day before March 3! I know going to the full 40 weeks is great for developing babies so I hope he stays a cookin' in my belly! But man alive, I want to meet my sweet boy. I want to look in his eyes, marvel at his little nose and toes. I want to delight in his smile and hear his laugh. To be sure, I'm going to experience a whole lotta his crying before I ever get to hear his laugh, but it's still part of the experience and journey of motherhood and I just am so excited to get there!

I want to say more, but my heart is so full that I'll just stop there. I'm totally and completely in love with my son! So, check out my new post that I'll be updating every single day, Of These 100 Days, counting down my last 100 days until I'm officially a mama!

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