Best Ever Pot Roast

I haven't posted a recipe in a long time. So, this sure is overdue! This is easy-peasy. You'll eat this and wonder how it could have been so low-maintenance and easy and yet taste like you were chained to the kitchen all day!

Tami's Best Ever Pot Roast


1 Medium Sized (2-3 pound) Roast (I prefer beef, but pork would work)
1/2 White onion, VERY thinly sliced
2 cups beef stock
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

For gravy:
1 cup cold water
2 T corn starch
Freshly ground sea salt & black pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven to 275 F
2. Place onions in bottom of a dutch oven w/ lid (or deep oven-safe pan you can cover with tinfoil, though that would be a bit of a hassle if you choose to baste)
3. Place roast on top of onions
4. Add stock and Worcestershire sauce
5. Cover with lid and place in oven
6. Cook for 6-7 hours, or until roast is fall-apart tender.
Optional: You can baste every 15 minutes to once an hour. I made this twice, basting the first time and never basting the second time and they seemed to turn out the same to me!
7. When the roast is done, remove it and put it on a platter; add the liquid and onions to a pan preheated to medium-high.
8. Mix the cold water and corn starch; add to liquid on stove, stirring constantly until a smooth gravy forms.

Voila! You can put the gravy over the roast, over potatoes, over rice, whatever you choose! This is seriously one simple and amazingly delicious dish. The gravy is perfect and full of flavor and the beef is just... amazing. The great thing about this method is that even a lower quality chuck roast comes out just as tender and amazing as a top sirloin--and I know this for a fact because the first one I made (pictured above and below) was an el cheapo chuck roast and the top sirloin I did the second time around was similarly delicious but not better. Yay for that, yeah?

Is your mouth watering yet?
The gravy was amazing over baked & smashed potatoes. Add a delicious and simple side salad and your favorite steamed veggie and you have one super delicious and well rounded meal!

For the record, you could choose to do this in the slow cooker or Crock Pot but my roasts never seem to come out fall-apart-tender when I do them in there. Maybe it's just me? Maybe there's a trick I don't know? I have done this same method in the Crock Pot and they come out tough and chewy and LAME. If you have Crock Pot tips, do share, because that's even lower maintenance and less electricity! I like the oven method, though, since it's tried and true!

If you make this, let me know how it goes! And if you learn any tips and tricks along the way, or if something doesn't work out, be sure to share that too!

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