I'm not big into promo-ing stuff unless I love it. But my husband and I had the opportunity about 2 years ago to get a great deal on this wonderful, incredibly amazing software called Logos. It's like... Bible software but on steroids that would turn a regular man into the Hulk x 10. And that still doesn't accurately depict it's awesomeness.

One example of awesomeness: a person study with tons of info.
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Source: the Logos blog

You can look at their website to see all the great things that they say their software can do, but I want to bullet point for you the things I actually use Logos for regularly (many things on a daily basis):

  • Mapping out my daily  Bible reading plan (it's awesome because you can super-customize it to how much you want to read per day, where you want to be reading [you're not limited to chronologically], etc.)
  • Comparing different translations to one another
  • Reading other included books (Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotional is included for free with the Logos iPhone app even if you don't own Logos)
  • Getting help from commentaries by theologically sound authors; any one passage of scripture generally includes 10-15 commentary options in our version of Logos (the Scholar's edition)
  • Unbelievable cross referencing tools for various passages that connect to one another
  • Superb study tools, including original language tools, word study tools, topic study tools, etc. LOVE this feature!
  • The ability to take notes and highlight, etc, within the software.
  • Tons more that I am probably forgetting and tons more that I haven't even utilized yet.
Seriously, for Christians if you save up for one thing, this should be it. It's a pricey jump to make the initial investment, but it's so incredibly worth it. It has revolutionized how I study the Bible. Plus, you save tons of money over actually buying all of the books included, let alone the technological pieces that make all of the study and comparison and the like so easy. 

We plan to upgrade to Logos 4 (we have the previous version) in the next few months. Things just keep coming up to interrupt our plans, like a broken vacuum cleaner and, you know, the sweet potato sized baby in my belly. Still, what's cool is that the upgrade cost is only about $150; considering the original software in our package retails for $630 (over $8,000 if we bought each book separately! Crazy town!) that's a great deal. And the basic Christian home library is only $150--most people spend that much on Netflix in a year, and way more if you have cable. 

Seriously, for Christmas, birthdays, etc, ask for people to give gifts to your Logos fund. You won't regret it!

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  1. Hey Tami! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I added you to facebook just now, I hope you don't mind. But, I would love to talk with you more since I actually would LOVE to learn from your experience as a Christian married woman! Looking at your blog I see that we have A LOT in common, wow! Daniel (my fiance) and I have been talking about getting Logos. Which version did you get? I think we're looking at the scholar and the teacher versions and we're not sure which one to go with since Daniel is both scholar and teacher. :D You are a very encouraging woman Tami!