It's A...

So awhile back I read this article about creative ways to reveal a baby's gender. The latest trend is for the parents to avoid knowing, but then to find out with their family and friends all together at a gathering. I thought it was mega-cheese-ball city. But now, as we approach the countdown to "the ultrasound" I find myself getting all mega-cheese-ball excited and wanting it to be cool and sweet and fun and special.  You only have your first baby once! I scheduled "the ultrasound" today (for October 13th) and have been trying to figure out some cute way to reveal the results. One friend put a "Hi, My Name is" sticker on her tum with the baby's name on it, and that was way cute but I can't be a copycat!

Via the wonder that is Facebook, a friend inquired about whether we plan a creative reveal when I gushed that we're only a month away from finally knowing.

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Total tangent: as many of you may or may not know, I'm seriously dying to know the gender. For one, we're not doing the mass reveal (a couple of close friends know) of the name until we know if it's a boy or girl. I'd like to think of him/her by name! If it's a girl, for MiniMoose to stick would border on cruel, doncha think? Secondly, I am massively picky and consider nothing except for plain white or plain brown onesies & socks to be gender neutral. Not exactly fun, cute buying experiences there. Seriously-- I HATE yellow, especially that soft baby yellow, and it's totally not neutral to me. Minty green? Boy. Soft lavendar? Girl. Also, in that vein, I do not like clothes with cheesy sayings, so a white onesie that says "I Love My Daddy!" in black writing would technically be neutral but I think cheesy sayings are just that, and so that doesn't work either. I gotta know the gender because I want to buy some cute tiny baby stuff!

Ok, so after my friend asked about creative ways to break the big news, I realized that maybe a gender reveal party wouldn't be so bad, after all. Our friends are super excited along with me, and I'm the first one having a baby in my innermost circle of friends and I'm pretty sure their excitement is right there on par with mine. Just today my darling Rebecca told me she's dying to sew tons of sweet baby stuff because Martha Stewart inspired her but she knows how picky I am so she can't pick a pattern until we know the gender! How sweet would it be to find out together, with them in the room? Facebook is great for a friend in, say, New Mexico (love you, Darla!) but for someone who lives six blocks away? That's just sad!

I got pretty into the idea but thought Jason might hate it. Instead he loved it! So much so, in fact, that when I realized we wouldn't be able to have the gender reveal party the same night as the ultrasound (I have a ministry at church I'm involved in on Wednesday nights) he was the one who convinced me that we could wait one more day and have the party the next night. Yay!

So, here's the plan:

1. Pray, pray, pray that the baby is cooperative and the tech can clearly see what the baby is without Jason and I being able to tell just by looking :)

2. Have the tech write the gender down and seal it in an envelope. Must seal! I can't promise I won't be tempted to hold said envelope up to the lights and try to cheat, but I will promise that I won't go through with it!

3. Have pre-arranged plan with Cupcake Royale (best cupcakes in Seattle and just down the street from us!) to drop off envelope after ultrasound. They'll frost the cupcakes with either blue or pink frosting and write out the baby's name on the cupcakes, then seal them in a box that hides the decorations until it's intentionally opened.

4. Have trustworthy and already-practicing-her-self-control friend pick up cupcakes on way to party the next night (Thursday, October 14th--2 days before my 29th birthday, might I add! Best birthday gift ever!).

5. Have potluck party. Eat, drink, enjoy one another. Then, for dessert, the big reveal!  Probably have our parents on the line for the big moment. This is my mom's first biological grandchild- so sweet :)

6. Celebrate lots and lots and be filled with utter joy. Also, find out if my instinct that it's a boy is correct!

7. Take a picture of the cupcakes for Facebook, also revealing the baby's name to the world writ large.

8. Immediately get online and order a tiny Seahawks jersey- pink for a girl (acceptable for girls under 10, but not over!) and their normal navy blue for a boy. I want it to be the baby's first item of clothing because I LOVE THE SEAHAWKS!!

EDIT: Apparently the Seahawks don't do a pink jersey for infant girls, just this traditional blue infant (and by infant, they mean 12 months for the smallest size) one. That's ok! I'm still getting it!

9. Next day, Tami goes shopping! Woo-hoo!

That's the plan!  I'm dying with excitement. Please join me there and tell me this is such a cool idea! Seriously I am BURSTING. Spend two seconds with me and you'll be in the greatest, isn't life so wonderful mood EVER!  Whaddya think? Any bonus ideas you have to throw in there?


  1. haha oh my goodness. i love you for this Tami! you are too cute and i SO wish i could be at the party to celebrate with you! :) so fun

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!! I may tentatively be in Seattle oct. 13-17 so this is perfect timing for me!! I'll pass along any ideas that cross my mind between now and then but I think this is a great idea! xoxo

  3. I just love your enthusiasm. You're awesome. I remember I could hardly wait to go shopping after our ultrasound. I had crib bedding and room decore to pick out! Have fun, Tami. I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  4. What an awesome idea, Tami! How creative and just adorable!

  5. Such a cute idea Tami! I'm so excited for you! Xoxo