It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh man oh man I sure love fall! Today's the first day of autumn and it just makes me want to jump for joy. I love fall. I'm pretty sure that every year I end up writing a post like this :)  But in honor of this autumnal equinox, a list of why I love fall so very, very much.

  • The rain!
  • The smell in the air...
  • ...usually after rain...
  • ...but really just all of the time!
  • The changing leaves
  • The cool, crispness when you breathe in the glorious air!
  • TV comes back with new episodes (at the moment I'm watching Glee and bursting at the seams to watch Modern Family next!)
  • I get to find out if MiniMoose is a boy or a girl!
  • It's not exactly fall, but our anniversary was September 8th
  • My birthday!! (October 16th, since I'm sure you're dying to know)
  • Tons of friends' birthdays
  • Pumpkins!! We plan to carve some with my community group and I can't wait
  • The lovely comfort of hot mochas
  • The lovely comfort of hot soups!
  • The lovely comfort of pumpkin pie
  • And apple pie!
  • Corn mazes and farms meant for autumn fun, like hay rides and such
  • Did I mention finding out if MiniMoose is a boy or girl?
  • Did you know we're having a gender reveal party? 
  • And just in time to be a birthday present since my birthday is October 16th!
That's pretty much it. I mean, for my making a list. There are a gazillion reasons why, but I'ma stop there.  Oh happy, happy best of seasons to you and yours!!

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