Dear MiniMoose #3

Dear MiniMoose,

I hope this doesn't come off wrong, but sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant with you. I mean, now that I'm not nauseated all the time I feel like a human again and not a baby making factory. I'm ok with being a baby making factory, but now that I feel better for the most part (save for the dizziness and headaches, but those aren't quite as life-altering as was the nausea) and I'm not showing too much I sort of forget that you're inside of me.

But then, other times, I might just be cleaning the kitchen counter and suddenly I stop and remember that you, my sweet little baby, are growing in my belly. And I just stand there, filled with awe and wonder and gratitude to our Father God for giving me the gift of you. I pray for you, that you're healthy and that my body is nourishing you well and providing an excellent environment for you to grow.

MiniMoose, I am so in love with you. I can't wait to meet you. I want to hold you and touch you and count your fingers and toes and snuggle you and smell you and be, I hope, the most amazing mama to you. I want to sing to you and read the Bible to you and tell you all about Jesus and how He has changed my entire life and how grateful I am that you get a redeemed mama and not who I would have been if He hadn't saved me. I want to just love you until my heart bursts.

You know what? Your daddy is so in love with you, too. At least once a day, usually more, if I'm walking by he'll reach up and touch my tum and say, "Baby," with a big, dreamy grin on his face. He already reads the Bible to you and talks to you and I think you already know his voice. We can't wait for me to start being able to feel you move! And then, eventually, he'll get to feel you, too! But just the other day your daddy told me that you're his baby and he's in love with you and simply cannot wait until March when he gets to meet you.

I know it's only 5 1/2 months, but waiting to meet you feels like a lifetime, MiniMoose. At least we get to know if you're a boy or girl in four weeks--that's a bit more doable. You are so loved, not just by us but by friends and family and our amazing church community. You've got to be one of the most beloved babies ever, and you have a lot of people praying for you who are (almost) as excited to meet you as your daddy and I are.

I love you MiniMoose. As always, I pray that Jesus keeps you healthy and safe, and that you arrive in your daddy's and my arms as a healthy, whole, screaming, full-term baby in March. Until then, I'll keep praying for you and thanking Jesus for you.


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  1. Awww....love the bond between unborn baby and mama, just beautiful.