Dear MiniMoose 2

Dear MiniMoose,

In case you wondered, here is some tangible evidence that your mama loves you.

Exhibit A: My Daily Vitamin Regime

Clockwise from top:

Prenatals [the big green ones] (2 pills 3x a day, with small meals)

Vitamin D (1 pill 5x a day, with food containing some sort of fat) & Biotin [the one with the tiny green smear of cake decorator frosting... so I can differentiate it from the Vit D!] (1 pill once a day, with meal)

Gummi Vite Omega-3/DHA (1 gummi 2x a day, usually early AM and early PM)

Iron (1 pill 1x a day, not within 2 hours of food or any calcium)

B-12 (sublingual, never chewed; 1 pill 1x a day)

Multi-vitamin (1 pill 1x a day; would be 2x a day but don't want to OD on Vitamin A)

B-Complex (1 pill 2x a day, usually early AM and early PM)

Calcium+Vitamin D (2 pills 3x a day, with or very close to small meals)

Whoosh. That's not to mention the 80+ ounces of fluids (approx 60 water, 16-20 milk, 8 orange juice) that I drink which must be 45 minutes after meals/food and 100-130 grams of protein I have to get in. Within those bounds, I count the calories, pay close attention to the kinds of fats I'm consuming, and carefully balance carbohydrates with protein so that I don't lose too much weight.

That, of course, is further proof of my love for you- setting aside my own dreams of being the tiny cute lil' mama in order to embrace Jesus' timing for you to come. I won't lie and pretend I have full peace yet, but I'm increasingly grateful for this body I do have and that I'm in a place where I'm able to exercise, and get you lots of good oxygen, and I eat well and meet all of those crazy demands listed above every day so that you will be one well-nourished little baby and, hopefully, when you're born you'll have a healthy mama who will be in good shape to get increasingly healthy and have a long, lovely life of raising you.

As always, can't wait to meet you, MiniMoose.


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