Whole Oven Roasted Chicken w/ Veg

I've been a bit busy and unable to write, but I  have tons of posts and recipes floating around in my head! So, let me get this bad boy up here so you don't feel neglected :)

Jason loves chicken.  It's definitely his favorite protein, whereas I lean toward pork- there are few things so succulent as a well-prepared pork shoulder roast!  I love chicken, too, however, and I try to fit it into our diet more than other meats because it's so high in protein with so little fat.  Good combo!  So, when all-natural, whole chickens were on sale at a killer price (almost 70% off!) a little while back I stuffed our tiny freezer full of 'em!  Here's one direction I took.

This is between steps 6 & 7; see finished product below!

Whole Oven Roasted Chicken w/ Veg

1 Whole chicken
2-3 T Tami's spice rub (about halfway through post)
1 bag baby carrots
2 lbs red or yukon gold potatoes (use small potatoes for best results)
2 medium heads of fresh broccoli
olive oil
freshly ground black pepper & sea salt
granulated garlic
1 bunch freshly chopped parsley

1. Pre-heat oven to 450.

2. While oven is heating, remove innards from chicken and discard.  Pat chicken dry with paper towel, then rub 1 T of olive oil onto skin & body of chicken; wash and dry hands, then sprinkle on spice rub and pat it to help it stick.

3. Place chicken in large roasting pan, uncovered; roast in oven for 10 minutes.

4.  While chicken is in oven, rinse and chop potatoes in half, and cut broccoli into bite size pieces (use only florets or include the stems- it's up to you!).

5. Place potatoes, broccoli, and baby carrots into large bowl; drizzle with 2-3 T of olive oil, and add salt, pepper, and granulated garlic to taste (don't use fresh garlic unless you want to use whole cloves that will be sweet and lose the garlic flavor; minced garlic will burn).  Lightly toss veg with hands.

6.  Remove chicken from oven and drop temperature to 350 F.  The high temp bake helps ensure a crisp skin at the end.

7.  Add veg to roasting pan and return to oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, until chicken is fully cooked and potatoes are soft.  For best results, use a meat thermometer to check internal temperature of chicken; cook until chicken is 180 F.

The finished product! The carrots had amazing flavor and the roasted broccoli had a nuttiness that is unparalleled in the flavor kingdom of food!
8.  Finely chop the parsley; when the chicken comes out of the oven let it rest for about 10 minutes, then remove bird from the roasting pan, leaving the vegetables.  Toss the parsley with the veg, allowing the juices from the chicken to also coat the veg.

The flash washes it out a bit, but check out that gorgeous natural sauciness! 
9.  Serving tip: spoon some of the juices from the pan over the chicken once it's served on a dinner plate.  Yum!  Also, if packing leftovers, spooning juice over the breast meat in particular helps keep it moist and full of flavor, as seen below!

These made great leftovers for the next few nights!
This was yummy, and very healthy.  So long as you're judicious with your crispy skin consumption then the primary source of fat is heart healthy olive oil, and since it's from scratch you get to control sodium levels and you know exactly what you're putting into your body! If you can afford it, organic veg are best, and that's even better! Also, so long as you check your spices, this is completely gluten free- always a plus :)

If you make this and have tips, questions, things that didn't work for you, etc, feel free to ask!  Some of you have been telling me that you've been trying out some of my recipes and they're going well- yay! Don't be afraid to share- you can even e-mail me pictures and I can post them.  That would be fun :)

All right- have a lovely week! I know you will if you live in Seattle, since the forecast is 70 degrees and sunny all week long. Boo-yah!

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