Brief Hiatus

Image courtesy of SiamEye via Flickr
So, I had all these lovely posts planned for this week.  Recipes, heart stuff, etc.  Then, this afternoon, while preparing to heat our gas grill (which does involve a forthcoming recipe!), I decided to burn my hand.  The short story involves the ignitor not working, using a match instead, and a large fireball.  Praise Jesus, the only damage was to my right hand.  I'm humbled more than anything- I thought I had the gas low enough, and had left the lid open long enough to ensure no trapped gas, but, alas, I was wrong.  The good news is the burn isn't too bad- no blisters or anything.  It's just really red and rather painful.

So... typing is not my favorite friend right now.  I have a post that will definitely be up on Tuesday, but, beyond that... hopefully I'll be back on it by the end of the week.  Barring any other unfortunate incidents I'll almost certainly be back in full swing next week.  Try not to burn yourselves in the meantime, k?


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