Tami's Thai Peanut Sauce Over Rice w/ Chicken Satay

I feel like I almost always say this, but hello YUM.  This was so good.  So delectable, in fact, that the pictures pretty much suck because I made it for our community group and people were digging in and I didn't have time to get any decent shots.  It was delicious and the pictures do it no justice!

I'm calling this Thai because it is heavy on the limes, cilantro, and peanut sauce.  In my mind, those ingredients say "Thai", plus it has Thai green chili in it.  If I'm wrong, and you are aghast at my misstep, feel free to correct me!  Also, for the carb conscious and/or weight loss surgery patients, just skim the peanut sauce and avoid the rice.  I ate about 1/4 cup of the sauce and 2 chicken skewers so I got a load of protein and it was on plan with my post-op eating. 

Now, onto the tastiness. Please note that if you want to make this, I list the chicken last but I recommend marinating it overnight! Don't be an idiot cool kid like me and plan to make this without reading the whole recipe ahead of time and then finding yourself having to come up with a totally different plan B because you didn't read ahead!

Ok, and disclaimer- the peanut sauce has a lot of ingredients.  But it's small amounts of most stuff, and the flavor when it all comes together is phenomenal.  This was so good that people were just silent when they were eating- usually there are multiple conversations rolling.  This just had a lot of, "Mmmmmm... this is soooo gooooood!", grunts from the men, and contented sighs.  One girl told me there was a party in her mouth :)  So yeah, this one takes some love, but it's so worth it!

Despite the lackluster pic, I REALLY wish I was eating this right now!
**As always, this was BIG.  It fed 15 people in appetizer amounts.  Makes great leftovers, though!
Tami's Thai Rice
[I can't lie- this may not be Thai at all.  But it was good :)]

2 cups jasmine rice
3 cups water
1 ts turmeric
1 ts curry powder
1 ts garlic powder
1/2 ts red pepper flakes (more or less to taste- this is pretty mild)

1. Prepare rice according to normal directions, but add the spices.  Simple, and delicious :)

Tami's Thai Peanut Sauce
2 T canola oil
1 T sesame oil
2/3 small Thai green chili, minced (use other 1/3 in chicken marinade)
2 T ginger, minced (or paste, which is what I used. I hate dealing with ginger!)
3 medium garlic cloves, minced
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (again, adjust to taste- this is mild)
1 bunch scallions/green onions, chopped
2/3 bunch cilantro, minus few sprigs for garnish, finely chopped (other 1/3 for chicken)
2 T soy sauce (or gluten free Tamari sauce, which is what we used)
1 T fish sauce (make sure it's gluten free)
juice of 1/2 lime (use fresh! Not that ick bottled stuff!; also, use other half to garnish chicken)
2 T honey
2 ts turmeric
2 ts curry powder
1/2 ts nutmeg (I dunno if it's at all Thai, but I sneak freshly ground nutmeg into EVERYTHING!  I love my Microplane!)
1 can coconut milk
1 1/2 cups peanut butter
1/3 cup chopped peanuts (if you used creamy peanut butter; not necessary if you use chunky)
optional 2 T chopped peanuts for garnish
reserved sprigs of cilantro for garnish

1. Heat wok to almost full heat (8.5 clicks out of 10).  Add both oils once the pan is hot.
2.  Add chili, ginger, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Stir almost constantly- DO NOT let it burn.
3.  As the garlic just starts to turn color (about 30 seconds) add scallions, cilantro, soy & fish sauces, lime, and honey.  Cook for one minute, then add spices- turmeric, curry, and nutmeg.  Cook for 30 seconds.
4.  Add coconut milk.  Stir to smooth consistency, then add peanut butter (and optional peanuts if you're using them).  Again, stir to smooth consistency.
5.  Once ingredients are fully combined, reduce heat to medium and cook for about 3-5 minutes, until heated all the way through.  Don't let it boil.
6.  When done, place rice on platter / serving dish, distribute sauce over rice, and garnish with peanuts and cilantro sprigs.

This literally makes me salivate.  It was perfectly moist and DELISH.
 Tami's Thai Chicken Satay

4 large chicken breasts, sliced into 1/2 thick strips
2 limes
1/3 Thai green chili, minced
1 T ginger, minced (or paste)
2 medium garlic cloves, minced
1/3 bunch of cilantro, chopped (1 T set aside for garnish)
2 T olive oil
2 ts sesame oil

1/2 lime for garnish (use other half from peanut sauce)

1.  Mix all ingredients in glass bowl with lid (or use plastic wrap, though it must be tightly sealed).  For limes, squeeze in juice (I love my juicer!) then cut into wedges and toss wedges into marinade.
2. Marinate overnight.
3. Soak wooden skewers (same number as you have chicken strips) in water overnight. Maybe it's overkill, and they'll likely set on fire anyway, but it never hurts :)

1. Pre-heat grill (pan or barbecue... barbecue is better!) to med-hi.
2. Thread chicken onto skewers. Discard marinade & limes.
3.  Cook on grill about 3 minutes per side, until pink is gone.  You may want to lightly oil the grate.
4. If your skewers set on fire (like mine did!) then remove chicken from skewers; otherwise, serve on skewers & place on serving platter.  Squeeze fresh lime juice and sprinkle cilantro for garnish.

Voila!  Tasty goodness.  Let me know if you make it! I hope it rocks your world!

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