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You may notice a couple of changes- mainly, the address is now www.tamihagglund.com [edit: domain problems led to the current tamihagglund.net] and the blog title is Tami Hagglund.  I decided to go with my name, and that attempt at an "about" under my name (mainly for new visitors) because I figured it best fit me.  To be fair, I tried to get saltandsoul.com but it was already taken, and after brainstorming with my husband we decided that my name is best- that way, as things ebb and flow, and changes come (say, when we have babies- I'll write about that a lot, I'm sure, and it wouldn't make sense to change my blog name) the one thing that won't change- my name- can stay consistent.  So there ya go :)

Speaking of what this blog is about, it's really just a woman writing about life.  I love Jesus and he'll always play a prominent role.  I'm always a wife, so that comes up quite a bit.  I cook all the time, and friends always tell me to share, so I figured I should take their advice.  Weight has been an issue my entire life, and now that I've had RNY gastric bypass surgery eating and post-op issues, as well as weight loss, are something that comes up frequently in my heart and thus on this blog.

I wanted to write with regards to that, since my aim has never been to let this be a "weight loss blog".  A lot of weight loss blogs exist, and I had one that was becoming pretty successful (I was starting to get free offers and such), but I don't want this to be one.  For one, I am not defined by my weight (no matter how much I still sinfully struggle with believing that I am).  Secondly, I have always cared far more about the condition of my heart than the number on the scale or the span of my hips.  I want to be a woman who writes things that, I hope, encourage and inspire others; if that includes heart issues as they relate to weight, then praise Jesus!  But I'd rather have 2 regular readers and write about things that I think really matter than to get 20,000 daily readers and speak empty words with regards to weight.  Could I tell you my workout routine and focus on pounds and inches lost, and post recipes every day that would help you get skinny?  Sure.  But that's not what I want to write about, and I don't believe that's what Jesus is calling me to write about.

Jesus IS calling me to be honest about my struggles, and I want to share with you how horribly awful my March was.  This is already long enough, and we all know how wordsy I can be, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

This is my first ever to be continued... on this blog.  Is that preferred to uber long posts?  Feel free to weigh in with your opinion.

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