Psalm 139 Check-in

First, to explain something: no, I'm not done with my Psalm 139 miniseries. I've still been ruminating on it, but this last week has been so jam packed full of Jesus changing my heart via some other scriptures, people, and circumstances (all by his grace) that Psalm 139 had to take a side seat for a bit.

There have been a few times where I'd think, "Oh, man, I need to read it and hope something jumps out at me to blog about." That would be so awful of me to do- it would be, for one, treating God like an idol, trying to make him speak to me so that I might meet my goal of being a consistent blogger (because, you know, sporadic posts won't build up a faithful base of people who read my blog). It would be sin against you, my reader, because I'd be forcing something out for you that isn't coming from Jesus, and that's not a way of pointing you to Jesus. I want to worship Jesus by writing as he convicts and teaches me, for his glory.

So... I'm continuing with Psalm 139! Just not right now. Perhaps this is God showing me that, in the future, I should pre-write something like a mini-series and not let you down in that way. I tend to write with passion and desire to get it out there right this very second! but, perhaps, there's something to be said for pre-writing and sitting on it before posting. I can see how it would be good for me to develop that discipline. So this is something I commit to praying about in the event that I do another miniseries. For now, you can expect to see more thoughts on Psalm 139- I'm just pushing the second week to next week.

I hope that is ok with you, and I am not sorry that my life took a turn, and I'm not sorry that that this happened because actually I think this pre-writing business is something the Lord wanted to show me. I am sorry if my failure in posting about Psalm 139 this week has had any adverse effects on you. I actually do care about consistency in posting, in honoring you as my reader, and in keeping commitments that I make on this blog. My yes needs to be yes, so if I say two-week miniseries I should plan ahead so that I can keep that commitment!

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