Gluten Free Rolls That Don't Suck!

Gluten free really isn't so bad, once you get used to it.

Well, that is, so long as you are ok with giving up bread, pastries, quiches, anything with a crust, etc.  Sure, there are AMAZING bloggers who bake some AMAZING (looking... I've yet to actually try!) gluten free baked goods.  But I just haven't had the time, desire, money, or kitchen space to allot to the 75 different flours you have to have on hand to make awesome baked goodness.

My husband pays the price here- I've been ok without bread, but he really loves it.  Bread and pasta were his top two favorite foods after bacon / meat before his dastardly diagnosis.  We found incredible quinoa pasta that we both think tastes BETTER than wheat flour pasta, and we've found decent bread but it's rather pricey and a little tedious to bake, and if it's to make sandwiches for a full week then by Thursday and Friday it's not so wonderful anymore.

Then I found these rolls (don't be lazy! Open the link! Do a ctrl+click and read it later if you need to!) I made them this first time, and they're SO GOOD.  I don't eat much bread, but I even ate 1/3 of one warm from the oven with a smidge of amazing, organic, grade A honey and it was heavenly!  I don't think I mixed them as much as I should have, so my picture doesn't look as great as the picture on the link I sent, but I'll share the tips I did learn with you!

First, it seriously is wet dough.  I had to keep the water running, just barely above a drip, to keep wetting my hands between every dough ball so that I didn't end up with a sticky mess.

Why is the rolling a dough ball so important, you ask?  Well, for the first round (I doubled the batch, and ended up with 22 rolls, but I only have enough muffin pans to make 12 at a time) I didn't roll the balls very well and ended up with this:
Lumpy badness.  Tastes good but looks... not so much.
I noticed the severe discretion between my rolls and the ones pictured on the recipe, so I did a much more thorough rolling of the dough into smooth little orbs, and my second round looked like this:
MUCH better! Smooth, happy, rolly goodness :)
The best thing is that this recipe is so simple.  I had all of the ingredients on hand except potato starch.  I felt a bit panicked because the potato starch wasn't located with the (rather sizeable) gluten-free / natural foods selection at my local QFC; I live in Seattle, in Ballard, a rather hippie-ish neighborhood (which, for the record, is awesome), so usually I'm very spoiled with superb organic, natural food selections at my "regular" supermarkets.  'Twas for naught, though, because the potato starch was with the corn starch and other baking non-flour essentials.  Do note that it's potato STARCH, and NOT potato flour.  It's odd stuff- corn starch doesn't smell like corn, but potato starch definitely smells like potatoes.  It's super light and fluffy and wonderful and makes delicious rolls :)

Here's one last happy picture; I know that I "need" a digital SLR camera with one of those flashes that makes it look like natural light, since my flash washes out some of the food goodness, so forgive that aspect.  Notice how fluffy and lovely this is!
For gluten free connoisseurs, you know how amazing this texture is!
Yum.  Feel free to go make these now :)  One note: they get hard fast, so I'd only make enough for maybe 2 days.  I wouldn't double the batch next time, because even the nuke-in-a-bag for 20 seconds in the microwave trick didn't restore these to fully awesome.

Let me know if you make and improve upon these!  Enjoy!

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  1. Have you tried freezing them as soon as they cool?
    Nuking them when wanting to use one usually will
    bring most baked items back fresh, as long as they were frozen, not left in the fridge.

    Looks like you had success though, and easy and good makes for a great recipe anytime!