The Obligatory Explanational First Post

I used to blog consistently; I'll even let you go read it here. Then I realized that I had put my entire identity into being obese, and I didn't want to live that way anymore. You can see my attempts to compartmentalize if you go look- I have the "spiritual" page for "spiritual" things, then a page for random stuff that was neither about food/obesity nor spiritual issues... it's ridiculous, to be honest.

Then I moved onto a blog that was supposed to be about the intermingling of life and Jesus (because when I say spiritual, I mean Jesus, Jesus, and only Jesus. Ok, to be fair, the Jesus of the trinity- God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit). But, sadly, that blog was kind of forced, me always trying to make sure that I was hyper-focusing on the spiritual bent in all of life. I have become really into food- good food, real food; no processed junk!- since having gastric bypass surgery last September so I wanted to write about recipes and all the culinary prowess I was developing but it didn't fit into my skewed view of life ala the super-spiritual blog, so I just quit feeling inspired to write.

I had a genius idea to create a separate food blog, and even prepared a ton of posts, but never could convince myself to hit "publish". I'm not sure what I was waiting for. I think I wanted it to be perfect, because, well, if it were perfect then maybe I might make some money off of my love of cooking. Three months of preparing posts, taking pictures, and... nothing.

So now I'm here. I figured something out- I love salt. I mean, I really love salt. Good salt, such as Mediterranean sea salt that brings out the flavor of the food (from butterscotch sauce to caprese salad) but whose presence doesn't make your tongue scream, "Ahhh! Iodine! Salty, salty iodine!" Because, hello, guh-ross.

I also love soul, which is, to me, the heart of life. You could use spirit here, but it's the idea that we are eternal beings and every moment- every last bit of life- is the opportunity to worship Jesus, to walk in the radiant light of perfect, transformational, steadfast love. Worshiping Jesus is part of my life in every way- even the Mediterranean sea salt part. And I could go the cheesy route and talk about being the salt of the earth, how salt preserves and all that, and because it's Biblical I believe it but I don't have to be cheesy just now. When it's a real thing that God is pressing on my heart, the Biblical theme of salt and how it connects to soul, then I'll write about it. But this blog isn't about being forced, or saying what I'm supposed to say. I'm working on cutting the word "should" out of my vocabulary.

So, no shoulds. I just want to be real- a real woman, in my late 20's, living in Seattle (Ballard, to be specific), trying to live as organically and locally as possible whilst living on a super tight budget and with a gluten free (GF- get used to that acronym!) home because of a husband with dermatitis herpetiformis, five months (as of today!) out from Roux-en Y distal gastric bypass surgery and seeking to be healthy physically, whose deepest desire is to worship my beloved Jesus with every breath, every thought, every word I type.

Because I'm choosing to be real then certainly I'll say things I wish I hadn't, I'll say things I'm so glad I wrote for the world to see; I'll write about times of great joy, times of great pain, times of the plunkety-plunkedness of life; I'll post pictures and products and kitchen tips and recipes that are awesome, and pictures and products and kitchen tips and recipes that will make you think I know nothing about food; and, hopefully, I'll touch on just about every other aspect of life, from the inane to insanely amazing to mundane. That's salt & soul, to me, ergo this blog.

I have had this window open for a week, seeking the perfect post to start with, certain that I must have my about page totally ready, some anticipatory FAQ's composed, and some more posts written and ready to go in case I get busy. This is not the perfect post and none of those other things are ready. And you know what? I'm ok with that.

I suck at brevity, ergo ending a post is always the place where I drag things on, trying to tie up every loose end all nice and neat. Do I say some cheesy line, like "Let's journey together." That's dumb. Do I try to say how glad I am you're reading this and I hope you stick around? I mean that, for sure, but then I feel like it's not really sincere when it's my neat bow on the post. So yo know what? I'm not gonna do any of that!

This is me being real- I'ma peace out now. Hopefully I'll peace back in at least once this week :)

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  1. Si, you suck at brevity. I suggest, for the "about me section" a grade-school type questionnaire:
    Favorite Color:
    Pet names:
    Sibling/Spouse Names:
    et cetera.....

    maybe you could solicit ideas for 1-word/short phrase answers from your readers? Just an idea.

    Looking forward to the new blog!