Best Mushroom Tip EVER

This is the single greatest tip you will ever discover.

No, seriously. Your life will never be the same after this.

I hate cutting mushrooms. Let's just be honest here- even if you love them (and I do) you have to admit that they're kind of slimy sometimes which doesn't bode well for clean, even slicing. I always end up with the most UNuniform pieces you could imagine. Honestly, I have semi-ok knife skills, but with mushrooms it all goes to pot. Now, part of this could be laziness- when cutting more than about five mushrooms I get bored and each subsequent shroom is more susceptible to haphazard hacking.

But not anymore, dear friends- not anymore!

I'll save the best for last; first, a couple of freebies- don't buy white button mushrooms. If you want that general size, buy crimini, because they are basically mini-portabello shrooms. The flavor is so much better, I think the texture is better, and they have more nutrients. Plus, at my local market, they are pretty similar in price. In other words, win, win, win, and super win!

Next, NEVER rinse the mushrooms under water. They are incredibly porous and you'll waterlog them. Waterlogged mushrooms do not a tasty culinary fare make. I dampen a paper towel and gently wipe off any dirt from the outside, and from looking around the internets that seems to be the best method.

Now you are ready to cut... and here comes the best tip ever!

You don't need your knife- you need to get out your egg slicer. Don't have one? For shame! I bought mine at Ross for under $4. Awesome for this tip alone, but I also love eating hard-boiled eggs in various forms (egg salad, in a regular salad, etc) which is a good thing for my super high protein post-RNY gastric bypass diet.

So, you take your egg slicer and set the mushroom in cap side down, as pictured below.

Next, you gently but firmly press the slicer down. When you are done, lift gently; sometimes you need to press the end of mushroom through the little wires in case it didn't cut through cleanly.

Finally, remove the pieces, and look what you get- perfectly uniform pieces! Uniformity is important not just for presentation, but because of cooking. Pieces of the same thickness cook evenly, and if you've ever had either burned small pieces with perfect bigger ones, or perfect small pieces with undercooked bigger ones, then you know uniform is good. The great news is that with this tip, uniform is also easy!

Just look below, and try not to cry tears of joy... I'm only partially kidding!

Do this. Tell me how it goes. Share your own insights. Love it!

Tomorrow's post is the last tip before an amazing recipe on Friday; you will not want to miss either post!

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